In 2008, just when Chinese merchants in Europe are rising, in the East coast of Italy, gives birth to a collection of scientific research, production, wholesale high-tech food processing enterprise, this is the ITACI SRL. Company was first established, to a high standard and scientific management as a target, under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Hu Yunzhou, raise capital, integration of resources, set up a large, first-class food processing enterprise, for transformation and upgrading of a Chinese businessman and in order to set up the new image of Chinese businessmen in Europe.

In the industry, ITACI was adopted by the first international FSSC22000 food safety management system certification , to create a complete, adequate control, from farm to table, food safety supply chain, fully guaranteed from the cultivation of raw materials, production, processing, storage, transport to the terminal sale of quality and safety throughout the food processing system. Was awarded the European quality management advanced enterprise, create the first brand of Chinese food in Europe.