The summer of 2017 company employees travel

As Europe’s largest Chinese quick-frozen food production enterprise “delicious” group organizing collective holiday, in recognition of employees ‘ dedication and hard work for business. The holiday destination of mamore waterfall is near the city of Terni, Italy

ITACI Participate in Tutto Food Milano exhibition

Two sessions per year the Milan international food exhibition May 8-11th International Exhibition Centre in Milan, TUTTOFOOD (international food exhibition in Milan, Italy) is a trade fair in Milan, Italy (FieraMilanoGroup) ‘s excellent exhibition. Since its debut in the show in 2007, has developed rapidly, and has always been committed to for the food and beverage industry-related companies providing professional B2B platform, is the world’s largest and one of the most influential food exhibition.

Fiat 500 Club visit ITACI

Mayors of Grottazzolina, Chief of police, Director of health, who led a team of Italian cars, “Fiat 500” the convoy of classic cars parade moved into at the local Chinese in Europe’s largest food processing corporate–ITACI SRL. Accompanied by local celebrities and the news media were more than 300 people. Activities are designed to help China promote recognition of  ITACI SRL. contribution to the local economy, to promote local people’s understanding of Chinese food processing industry.


2016年12月10日Firenze 中国驻意大利领事馆王辅国总领事携夫人,在其秘书长,Fermo省省长,Marche大区华人商会会长及其他随行人员的陪同下参观并指导了位于Fermo省的大型速冻类中华美食生产基地-欧洲味美食品有限公司。